To Open or not, that is the Question

So for the past couple of days I have been facing one of the biggest decisions a geek. Its not Star Wars versus Star Trek, or which obscure pop culture reference T shirt to wear under my retro bowling shirt.

It whether or not to to remove your pristine collectible from its packaging.

There are two schools of thought when you collect something. It doesn’t matter what it is, either, Hummel figurines, Civil War memorabilia, 1960’s lunch boxes, anything. There are those who pack up their collections and keep everything very protected, only taking them out to enjoy briefly, privately. Others love to display their collections. About 10 years ago I have a very large Star Wars collection, both vintage and new stuff that I displayed everywhere. And I was the kind of collector that bought two of everything, so I could open one, and have the other kept pristine. I had the unopened figures running as a boarder around the top of the walls my home office, then they spilled into the bedroom. It became too much. for just the boarder and eventually became a whole wall. Then I moved into a smaller place and didn’t bother to put them up in the new place. They are all in storage in my mother’s attic, and with the exception of a random R2D2 or Yoda toy, I really haven’t bought much Star Wars lately, or any other “collectible”toy or figure lately. Not that I haven’t been tempted. The Kingdom Come Green Lantern V figure (Jade) is a pretty figure (actually all of the figures based on Alex Ross’ work are gorgeous) And its not like I don’t still display some toys in my current apartment. (Not like I used to, mind you, Just Jack Knight and Chiana on my Office Shelf, Death on my bookshelf in the living room, R5D4 on my desk)

But the other day while crusing through Midtown Comics on the west side last week, just to pick up my weekly books, I saw it, the Doctor Who Regeneration two pack – NMIB. I took a good long look at it. No, its been a tight month, I budgeted for my books, but this would be an extravagance, not at all necessary. I thought about putting it aside, in my pull, but I would have to put 50% down anyway. Then I remembered. I had a $20.00 credit at the store! suddenly it wasn’t going to cost me any extra to pick it up! So home it came with me. Since then its been just sitting on my dresser. Not displayed in anyway mind you, just sitting there. I have been trying to decide if I should open it up.

Doctor Who Regeneration two pack - NMIB Doctor Who Regeneration two pack - Open

1) Doctor Who Regeneration two pack – NMIB 2) Doctor Who Regeneration two pack – Loose

Now if was the David Tennant Doctor in his own costume, with the trench coat, I am sure I would have have him on the shelf, hanging with Chi and K9 at the TARDIS (ok so maybe I have a few other toys about the place here.) But this is a special pack. A quick check of ebay shows its selling around what I would have paid for it, if I hadn’t had the credit (although there is one guy asking $40.00, don’t you think someone selling would do a little market research to see what the going rate is)

I still haven’t decided yet. I think if I was working in an office, I would have them on my desk there, but I am working out of the home office right now. I guess they will continue to sit on the dresser for a few more days collecting dust til I decide.


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