Countdown – 52 weeks until David’s Midlife “Crisis”

Ok, if you get the title, your are geek – cool. If you don’t well I am not going to explain it. That is what google is for.

As most of you know, I celebrated my 36th birthday this week. I just found out that the expected lifespan of a White Male born in 1971 is 73.8 years according to the Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1992, U. S. Department of Commerce, p.77.

So that means, this is it. By this time next year I will have reached my expected midlife.

What have I done with it so far?

I am not exactly dissatisfied with my life right now. I have enjoyed my life, maybe to the point of excess a little too often. Those of you who read this regularly know I have for the past few years felt a bit of a malaise, yes lets call it a malaise, like living during the Carter Administration. I want to use this opportunity. I want to make some serious, obtainable goals, and then meet them. And I want to invite you along for the ride.

Come follow me through these 52 weeks. Counting down to my 37th birthday, and help me avoid the looming “Midlife Crisis” and watch me as I set about to achieve my goals.

  • By watch I do mean watch – expect video blogs within 2 weeks
  • Ok, I know its trite, but I really want to lose about 25lbs
  • I will find a job in my field or at least a related field in NYC and make at least $850/wk
  • I will start a healthy romantic relationship with a woman who is age appropriate for me to date
  • I will finish writing the book to my script for LOVE SUCKS
  • I will pitch my idea for SUMMER STOCK, a reality series that takes place in a summer theatre company
  • I will write a pilot script for “Relativity” – A Drama that looks at family dysfunction over 3 generations, looking at 3 different time periods, 1989, 1997, and the present
  • I will figure out the medium for my idea that I currently refer to as “Lost in Translation” meets “Spiderman”
  • I will keep this Blog up to date – 2 blogs a week min. 1 Countdown Blog, and a pop culture blog series I plan on starting – beginning this week with my take on the new TV season.

Ok that’s it – I hope you come back to check out the progress, comment often.

I will be working on improving this page, adding some widgets and typelists or something –

Have lots to do tho –


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