Countdown – 51 weeks to David’s Midlife CRISIS – and my first Video Blog!

  • “A goal without a plan is just a daydream”
  • “Failure to plan is planning to fail.”

So last week I set down some ambitious goals for myself to accomplish over the next 51 weeks. So now what? How do I stay on course to succeed? Where do I begin? Now its time to break it down, and make it happen.

The things I have set out to do are either things I want to do to improve myself or my personal life, the others are professional goals.Where do I begin?

My biggest day in/day out concern has been money – so my job search has been on my mind a lot,I have work through the next 2 months or so, and a temp agency that will probably get me something to tied me over as I search for work that I want to do.Its getting that job that seems to be problematic tho

On the personal front – loosing weight – well there are three things I can do right away that well help start the process.

  • 1)Stop drinking sweetened beverages (soda, pre sweetened teas and lemonades etc) I am going to try for the next three months (for starters) to give up soda completely
  • 2) Drink Water – Lots and lots of water. This is something I have already begun to do. Just need to do it better and more.
  • 3) Hold the Mayo – I am going to try to switch from mayo to mustard as my condiment of choice on sandwiches (which is also something I am going to try to eat less off)


These three simple things, coupled with a fairly active work life should see a dramatic start to any weight loss.

Oh and I said I was going to begin, so here is my first video blog!



Kissing a geek?




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