Countdown – 50 weeks to Crisis

I never thought it would be hard to keep this on schedule – but I am already falling behind 3 weeks in.

I have been taken copious notes tho, about my life and things I want to talk about.  I did a lot of laundry this past week (and still have more to do, but that’s another story).  And I realized that when it comes to getting dressed, I still dress like I was in college.  I have so many black t shirts, the majority of which express a sarcastic funny thought, or a cartoon/comic character. (all very geeky stuff)

Now wearing black is an occupational hazard, but I think I would really like to update my wardrobe some.  I don’t want to loose my sense of style (geeky as it maybe)  But I think there should be a way to dress geeky and still be fashionable.  I believe a man should dress with a sense of timelessness.  I hate trends.  I would like to be able to walk onto the set of any movie in hollywood, set in any period in the 20th/21st century.

While on the subject of fashion.  When exactly did men stop wearing hats?  I mean real hats, not ballcaps?   I like hats.  I have considered starting a hat movement.  More on this to come.


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