Countdown – Week 48 – Weird Week (Originally posted 11/4/07)

OK –  another week with out a blog – sorry about that.  No real excuse other than I pushed it off til the weekend (used that extra hour thinking about what to write.)

Let’s talk about what I thought about this week –

It was Halloween this week  and I really didn’t partake too much, on the weekend.  Been a little out of the loop socially to be honest and didn’t get too many offers. (Quel surprise?), Hope you all had fun tho –  heard lots of good times were had.

Halloween day I did do a few things – I went out and saw the kids trick or treating – lots of power rangers, princesses and vampires in my neighborhood.

I did have a job scheduled for this week – but since construction was working behind schedule it didn’t happen. And since I start rehearsals on Monday on A Christmas Carol (Is it really Christms time??) I can’t do the other gig,  it wasn’t that big a deal – just out the money which I could have really used.  That has been the reason I did little else this week – Been a little cash poor these past few weeks.

But for the next couple of months it is not such a issue.   Yeah for Union Contracts  8 more weeks of work,  so its actually been a busy year for me for AEA work,  42 weeks on contract – and they are spread out nicely so I am good for heath insurance thru March 2009 at least.

Thanks to Marni Penning (the lady Hamlet) I got tickets to the B-52’s concert at Roseland on Halloween night.  A fun show,  I wouldn’t have minded seeing that other 80’s band that was playing a few blocks down town, but oh well

Oh yeah My mother had her hip replaced this week, on Wednesday, she got home from the hospital on Saturday already.

I had a date planned last night, but got stood up (well she had cancelled, very late) So that sucked too.

Not my favorite week – so I’m glad its over and that I have work to look forward to this week.

Hope you remembered to reset your clock this week

I am off –


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