Countdown – Week 49! (originally posted 10/29/07)

OK –  so I actually had to turn down work this week.

Kinda sad actually, it was with a really well reknowned company, not great money, but a definate foot in the door, as it were.  I litterly signed the contract  a few hours before I officially turned down the 2nd job.

I am still not working this week.  Somethings will come up, I have a few coals out there, as it were.

I do start rehearsals on “A Christmas Carol” next week.  which is a cut down version that will tour the midwest and south east this holiday season.

I also have not had a soda in over 2 weeks –  kinda weird –  this is the hardest time, cause i still crave one from time to time.  I have not actually step on a scale since I started this.  I better do that soon to see if this is even helping

Did you check out that ghost blog I put up?  Pretty cool huh?


Happy Halloween



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