Week 46 – Love and the modern Geek

Week 46  to Midlife Crisis– Love and the modern Geek

The past few Countdowns have been focusing on my professional life, what shows I am doing, who I am working with etc,  while I know what you all want to hear about is the many romantic conquests being a Eligible Geek in NYC affords me.

I am single, obviously, and that is by choice.

Ok stop laughing now, no really stop laughing…

It really is a choice, not that I don’t want to be in a relationship, its I don’t have the time, or the stability of lifestyle to truly have the type of relationship I would want to have. Finding fulfillment in all aspects of anyone’s life, personal, professional, and any other facets of one’s life simultaneously

I have blogged in general about relationships, sometimes in reaction to specific events going on in my life,

To be honest my track record when it comes to women is not great, I do have a habit of getting my heart involved with women who don’t or can’t reciprocate.

My now infamous 3 rules of dating had really curtailed my social activities for a while, and while not completely abandoning them, I now  use them as a guideline, but I won’t date anyone who breaks all three rules – I just can’t see me doing that.

So who have I been dating lately?  No one regularly,  and I have been stood up a couple times in the past month,  I haven’t really been putting myself out there too much. Its so time consuming isn’t it? Meeting some one, wooing them, building the emotional connections to make, and then by the time I get something resembling a romance going, I usually end up having to leave town for a few months for work. (some of you in my biz may be familiar with that, or maybe you are someone who has gone through it with me)  And because of that I have been prone to dating women who I have already know, and feel there may be a connection with.  It saves a lot of time,  date 1 seems more like date 5.

There are 19 women on my “top friends” on my myspace page – of them I have been romantically involved  with 5 of them but am not at this time, 2 of those are now married. 1 of them I have occasional hook up relationship with, when our schedules allow, and 9 others I would be interested  in, if it probably wouldn’t destroy any friendship I currently have with them.  And that is just the ones in the top 24!

I seem to value those friendships, even tho, to be honest, I don’t think I would have started them, if I didn’t, on some level find myself attracted to them.  I commented once, that men and women don’t often become friends,  or that men become friends with women they are attracted to, and women become friends with men they do not .

That is not to say that I don’t think of these women as real friends or anything – I do.  If I didn’t I would probably be aggressive about persuing one of them romantically, but I play it safe – keep them as friends. 

One Response to “Week 46 – Love and the modern Geek”
  1. Have to say I know EXACTLY how you feel, being there in he past so many times. Keep it up!

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