Countdown Week 45 – on the Road Again

I am writing this from the back seat of Dodge Sprinter Van, as we cruise down I-81 in southern Virginia, about 30 miles South of Lexington, VA.

That’s right, folks I’m on a Theatreworks USA tour of “A Christmas Carol”. Getting to see some of Red State America (VA, IN, OH) and some of the redder areas of Blue States (IL, MI)

On the road just 1 day and I have already seen the giant roadside crosses all lit up, and “Covenant” Hauler tractor trailers out of Chattanooga, TN with “its not a choice, it’s a child” stenciled on the back of the of the truck.(not a sticker, its stenciled on, apparently its company policy). I will be spending more time in Indiana on this tour, than I have ever before, should be interesting.

Oh and to top it all off I have to go through Columbus, OH! Oh is there no mercy? In Columbus there is a radio station that is playing nothing but TV theme songs. A little research turns up that its a temporary thing until the station launches its new format in mid december. (an interesting choice, I guess seasonal music has been taken.)

So I will be blogging from the road for the next three weeks – I will be back in NYC right before Christmas.


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