Week 44 – 1992 Revisited – Did I mention I travel in time

One of the nice things about touring theatre is I get to go back to places I don’t get to too often. This week my tour took me to southeastern Michigan, with performances in Monroe and Jackson. So I called upon an old friend (whom I have not actually seen in almost 12 years) and told him I would be in the area. He, being the immensely cool dude that he is, said “Dude I have a spare room with your name on it, if you want”

So here I was, spending my first actual night in Ann Arbor in years (the last time I was out the was for an Ozzfest concert, a trip that included an unfortunate incident with some poison ivy, but was still a great time)

I got to spend time with old friends in a place that I truely enjoy going. There was a moment or two when I was sitting there, laughing and catching up where I thought “I wonder if UProd is looking for an associate producer or and assistant Production Manager”

Of course, I don’t think I would really take a job in A2, I am a New Yorker, living anywhere else full time would be kidding myself.

But I had a great time – went to my first professional Roller Derby, the Detroit Derby Girls, I got to see the Detroit Pistoffs beat the D-Funk Allstars at the Masonic Temple, and the head ref of the bout was my old friend from college, aka Iggy Slop.


The only thing is that there was just not enough time to see everyone and do everything I would have liked to – the next time I get a weekend off I would love to head out there, maybe go the good old Nectarine Ballroom (now simply as Necto) for a monday night industrial flashback. And a trip to Angelo’s for some of that delicious French Toast.
When I finally make it big, I will get myself a place in out there tho –


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