Week 43 – Boobs for Jesus

Heard someone say that the other day –  it doesn’t have much to do with this blog, but it got you here.  – Bait and switch, sue me. Another Late update – been busy on the road – so just some highlights for right now Finishing up tour this week – One more show on Friday in Cedar Grove, NJ. YEAH!  While on tour in Indiana, I discovered that my show today was a town over from a very old friend of mine, who I don’t think I have seen much of since 1990.  We got together for some food and catching up.  He is still as mild mannered as unassuming as ever.

Married, 4 kids all boys and 5th child on the way in the spring – they are hoping girl.  I told him 5 boys make a great basketball team.   Our conversation however, did not include any mention of the fact that his sister and I have been getting together from time to time, in a no strings sort of way. (that got your attention didn’t it)

Starting Saturday I begin rehearsals on a TYA show for TWUSA called THE MYSTERY OF KING TUT

King Tut will star LOU STEELE as Howard Carter, the archeologist who found Tut’s Tomb.   Of course Lou and I have worked together 2 summers at the Weathervane Theatre, in 2005 and 2006.


Barn Bat 2006

Of course Christmas is coming up –  I still need to find gifts for Mom and Dad.  And I wouldn’t mind one more thing for my neice.   I have spent enough money on her.  More than I did on my nephew.  He just as 3 or 4 little things and she has 2 boxes.  Trying to find something for a 7 year old girl that is not a Barbie doll or stuffed animal (she has too many of both)  I like to get her something intellectually stimulating as  well as fun. So I will be in NYC from Christmas through 1/7 at least – I don’t know my touring info for TUT yet.  But I have a hunch it will be similar to what I did with Quimby last year. Midwest/south east –  hopeful a lot of south east in the winter moving north in the spring

Ok that its for this –  look for a Geeksville special blog this week recapping a year in geekdom.

Peace in the Middle East

Rain in Spain



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