Counting down to Midlife Crisis – Week 40 – Its not the years, its the milage

I am working on the road again (look forward to some Tour-ture blogs) for TheatreworksUSA, but I am mostly local in January

The countdown to midlife crisis is meant to be humorous, but this week I got to spend time with a good friend of mine,  a good friend who happens to be 22 years old.  I hung out with her and one of her friends for a while, listening to them talk about all the things they plan on,  their carreer goals, their life goals, (Start a commune?)  It was the first time in a while where I felt  really old, and  unfulfilled

Somewhere I have a journal with 5 goals I wanted in 5 years that I wrote in 1995.  I need to find that list and see how I did.

It was the New Years’ and I did not make a list of resolutions this year.  I seldom keep them.  The only resolution I am going to make this year is to strive to be happy and  healthy this year.


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