Countdown Week 37 – It’s really Super, Super Bowl (Or

Hey Sport fans – I imagine some of you were among the 100,000,000 or so who enjoyed this past weekend’s American Football match between the Giants of New York and Patriots of the Greater New England Area.

For starters, let me say at no time were my alligences ever anywhere but with the G-men. I am more of a Jets fan when it comes to pro football, but of course I was going to route for the Giants during this game. Lucky for me the Giants have Armani Toomer on the team to balance the Michigan factor of Tom Brady on the Pats (plus Toomer was at Michigan the same time I was)

Of course now that the Big Game is over, there are more important things on the horizon to focus on. I am of course refering to this coming tuesday, when our nation’s attention turns to what matters, BOOBS and PASTRIES! and of course there are all those what do you call them, oh yeah Presidentials Primarys.

Now I am sure most of you are familiar with the Mardi Gras celebrations that take place this week in New Orleans, LA and Mobile, MS among other places. But did you know that in polish enclaces across the midwest its Paczki Day? A Paczki is basically a large sticky sweet donut style pastry made to remove all the items from a home that were not allowed during Lent. (Sugar, eggs, lard, anything sweet and yummy)

So somewhere after your 3rd paczki and before you start throwing beeds or flashing remember to head down to your local polling place and cast a ballot in the primary of your political affliation. The Primary process is what helps determine the voice of a political party. So make yours heard – And pass me a lemon Paczki


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