Countdown Week 36 – I was Lost in Time and Space

This blog was written  on 2/16  it was the last blog I had written for a while.  I have had a lot going on, and you will be able to read about a lot of it soon

but here it –

OK so I missed last week’s blog – I know.

The truth is just I had not a lot to say – which is funny since so much was going on – Super Bowl – Super Tuesday – my Tour – Roger Clemens’ Steroids scandal – my pitiful excuse for a personal life.

Where do I begin?

I heard a story about a man who ran over a child, and is not suing the parents of the kid, for the damage to his car – Can you believe people?

I had an idea I began to outline to start a video blog project with my brother. (I haven’t begun to approach him about it, to discuss politics. I don’t seem to discuss politics with many of my friends or family. I mean I know where they stand on most issues, with my father and brother on the far right end of the political stick and my mother is more right than center, my sister, who now owns property and has kids is probably just right of center, but socially she still leans left (I think of her as Eisenhower style republican) My other sister is more liberal, but to be honest I am not sure just how liberal. You figure a lesbian living in Florida is probably pretty leftist – but I think she may be more Liberatarian.

Then there is me, way out on the far left end of thought. Sometimes I forget how alien I am to the enviroment that spawned me.

I heard it said once, If your a Republican under 30 you don’t have a heart, but if your a Democrat over 30 you don’t have a brain.


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