The Countdown is back – Countdown week 26 – Televison is the mirror of my reality

Ok –  I bet you read that and thought I was going to say something about reality TV –  well  you  would be wrong, since I don’t really watch too much reality TV.  Oh I may catch a bit of Extreme Makeover Home Addition, because I enjoy seeing how they make some of those things.  And some of the other renovation shows (going all the way back to “This Old House”)  cause even though I am not a home owner, I like to know how to do things around the house.  And sometimes sitting in a hotel room you have nothing to watch but some of the trainwreck celebreality shows on VH-1, but that is not reality…  my reality is on CBS and its called “The Big Bang Theory

This week’s episode, entitled “The Nerdvana Annihilation” once again made me laugh at myself and at times scared me a little too much of what I am. This week’s episode brought up the issue of choosing to put away nerdyish things, to become a more mainstream member of society.

It is a delimna I find myself in – There are things going on in my life right now, important things, that I need to face, and I have to put aside some of the things truely make me happy for a time.


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