I need your help

Hey Friends,

I am not sure how it has come to this…

As most of you know, I have been helping taking care of my mother, who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.   This has not been easy on my mother, my family or myself.  I had been working on tour for the past 6 months, and between my tour expenses, travel to and from home to see/help and just my normal expenses (rent, phone, electric, student loans…etc)  I am starting to fall behind.

And now tour is over, I should be getting re-imbursed for my tour expenses soon, but without work income coming in (my tour contract ended 6/15)  and mom’s medical expenses keep coming in…

Well I am waiting on a temp job (I should be working next week) and I have put in for unemployment, so I should get some money for the time I am waiting for work to start up again… but the next two weeks are going to be rough..  so I thought, hey I can’t ask any one friend for a 4-500 bucks I would need to get through the rest of june, but maybe I can ask my 150-200 or so friends out there who read my blogs and are on my facebook and myspace  to each lend me 5-20 bucks.

Is there any one out there who feel they can help me out?

I have Paypal, and those of you who are members of the AFCU, you can even just transfer funds to me.

Thank you for your help



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