Pregnancy Pacts?!?

By now you have heard about the girls in a small Massachuttes town who were celebrating in the nurse’s office when their pregnancy tests came back positive.  These girls, not even 16 years old got together and made a pact to get pregnant and raise their kids together.


Time magazine reports that teen pregnancy on the rise 3%  first time in 15 years (or since the last Republician admininstration)  See what happens when family planning is removed from early education.  You have kids wanting to have kids there have been almost 750000 pregnancies resulting in 435000 kidslast year.

One Response to “Pregnancy Pacts?!?”
  1. Holly B says:

    This isn’t a new thing. It happened at my school all the time, and I was always trying to bring attention to it, but everyone turned their head and acted like nothing was happening… These girls need love from a parent… They need guidance. It’s not all rebelion… The adults need to look deeper and try to find out the real issues.

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