Geeksville – Childhood for sale

Yes I am selling pieces of my childhood off a bit at time on ebay

I started by posting 9 vintage star wars action figures, amazingly 5 went very quickly with BUY IT NOW (they were a mix of foreign carded and minor scuffed RTOJ or POTF1 cards) but there are still 4 left! Including Yoda, on the first card he was ever issued and a Cool Han Solo – see links below.

The gentleman who bought up most of the figures already sold, made me an open offer on the lot of my remaining vintage Star Wars collection so next weekend I will begin unpacking boxes and taking photos to send him.

Never thought I would see this day come…

Han Solo in Trench Coat – 1984 ROTJ CARD

B-Wing Pilot – 1986 POTF Card w/ Coin

Death Squad Commander – 1977 12 Back Original!

YODA – 1980 ESB 40 Back Card

In a way its good.  Very good,  my love for these things, has kept me back, kept me from embracing my full adulthood – I have collected and compiled and hung on to so many things, that it is hard to make room in my heart for the new.

More things coming soon


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