Ok,  this blog has tried to be too much…

I enjoy talking about my geeky proclivities, and many people share my interests and I hope they enjoy them – So that is where I am going to focus on here.

So if you like Comic Books, Science Fiction, Fantasy,  Indy Music,  and other Geek-tastic things, lets talk about it here.

Wednesday is New Comic Day –  So Thursday will have my Comic Pick of the Week.

Saturdays will have reviews of other comics for the week.

I will update TV/MUSIC/BOOKS on Mondays for the previous week.

Coming soon -my thoughts about  FAST FORWARD, SMALLVILLE, HEROES and THE BIG BANG THEORY

Is there a show you think I should be following?  Leave it in the comments.

FILM reviews will happen but with no set schedule – I will try to get things up in a timely fashion after their release.

NOW…  If you were following my personal exploits – the comic stylings I call a personal life –  well those blogs will continue –  over at my new blog  GEEKY IN THE CITY

I am also blogging about my experiences pursuing writing professionally –  See what’s up at The Writes Stuff


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