It is the End… But the Moment Has Been Prepared For.

1981_farewell-tomI started this wordpress blog about 5 years ago, when blogging on Myspace was not reaching the audience I was looking for. So I began to look for a place to expand my audience, and what I wrote about. I branched out, I got noticed. I started writing for other sites. And for a while, Geeksville was becoming a bit neglected.

Then I began to have some family health problems. Then I had my own health problems, and some work problems. Geeksville became less and less a thing for me. It’s not that I didn’t still love things like comic books, Doctor Who and Cosplay. It’s just that it was too much like work (for to little a reward) and I began to feel a real loss of passion for it all.

I was also becoming frustrated with the functionality and the design of wordpress.  It’s fine for blogging, but it just wasn’t looking as professional as what I wanted it to be.  When I started it, I was quite thrilled with it’s appearance.  but as time went on, and newer sites arrived  on the scene,I felt amateurish.  Like those classic episodes of Doctor Who that I loved, it looked a little cheap along side then series.  It drove me to not want to call too much attention to it.  But that was ok,  I still had my small following on my Facebook fan page and Twitter.  I could be quite happy sharing the great work of some of the great friends I have made over the  last year in the community.

So, I know what you are thinking. This is the end of Geeksville.

It’s the end of Geeksville 1.0. It’s time for change. And not a moment too soon!

Say hello to the new Exiled In Geeksville


The relaunch is a “soft” one.   Look for the return of some old favorite columns, and some new faces.    And I want you to continue to be part of the fun.   So please head over to the new site, and bookmark it! Subscribe, like, comment, and share!  Check out our Youtube Channel!   This is the birth more vibrant, wilder, angrier, crazier, more fun Geeksville.   And we like to dance!  Dance with us!



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