Ok,  this blog has tried to be too much… I enjoy talking about my geeky proclivities, and many people share my interests and I hope they enjoy them – So that is where I am going to focus on here. So if you like Comic Books, Science Fiction, Fantasy,  Indy Music,  and other Geek-tastic things, … Continue reading

Geeksville – Childhood for sale

Yes I am selling pieces of my childhood off a bit at time on ebay I started by posting 9 vintage star wars action figures, amazingly 5 went very quickly with BUY IT NOW (they were a mix of foreign carded and minor scuffed RTOJ or POTF1 cards) but there are still 4 left! Including … Continue reading

To Open or not, that is the Question

So for the past couple of days I have been facing one of the biggest decisions a geek. Its not Star Wars versus Star Trek, or which obscure pop culture reference T shirt to wear under my retro bowling shirt. It whether or not to to remove your pristine collectible from its packaging. There are … Continue reading