week 41 – Auld Lang CoSine – a bit boring

Ok,  the holidays are behind us – Work is busy –  feeling good Sorry for the down turn in the blog, both in content and frequency of posts This blog hasn’t really gone totally as I planned What have you enjoyed the most about it? The Countdown to my  impending midlife Crisis?  The Sincere but  … Continue reading

Counting down to my Midlife Crisis – Week 42 -Holiday Blues

So I have had trouble writing this blog – I was set to write it on Christmas day (yes its late) but I was in such a bad mood that I decided it would be better to just wait it out So yeah Christmas was a bit of a bust this year for me – … Continue reading

Countdown – Week 48 – Weird Week (Originally posted 11/4/07)

OK –  another week with out a blog – sorry about that.  No real excuse other than I pushed it off til the weekend (used that extra hour thinking about what to write.) Let’s talk about what I thought about this week – It was Halloween this week  and I really didn’t partake too much, … Continue reading