Countdown to Midlife Crisis 12 – The Countdown resumes

hey there blog buddies – Thank you thank you thank you for all your support again,  so many of you have given me so much in the ways that you all could, and I am eternally grateful. But that doesn’t make up for the lack of COUNTDOWNS. So…. RETURNS! So  lets quick catch up, I … Continue reading

Where have I been

Some of you have begun to ask me –  what happened?  Where have you been David, I have missed my weekly Geek love and midlife crisis updates Well the last few weeks have been quite a handful for me.  My tour life was taking a bit of a toll on my body, as I fought … Continue reading

Countdown – Week 47 – Delays and Strikes (originally posted 11/19/07)

Ok ok OK! I get it, David where is Crisis! We want more Crisis! David are you actually having your midlife crisis and can’t handle writing about it Work and life just got in the way, I have been rehearsing my latest show which opens on tour next week, and commuting and forth to NJ … Continue reading