Joan Vandervliet 1944-2009

As many of you know, my mother has been fighting pancreatic cancer for the past year. This weekend, she finally earned her rest. If you ever had met my mother, you know there was nothing more important to her than her family, which was extended to more than just my siblings and myself through her … Continue reading

Crawling from the Wreckage – or just moving forward.

I think i see the light at the end of the tunnel… Did you hear a train whistle? Now, I don’t want to seem overdramatic. I know my life is not “bad” per se. I have had fortunate to have had so many opportunties given to me. I know that the only person who is … Continue reading

Countdown to Midlife Crisis 12 – The Countdown resumes

hey there blog buddies – Thank you thank you thank you for all your support again,  so many of you have given me so much in the ways that you all could, and I am eternally grateful. But that doesn’t make up for the lack of COUNTDOWNS. So…. RETURNS! So  lets quick catch up, I … Continue reading

The Countdown is back – Countdown week 26 – Televison is the mirror of my reality

Ok –  I bet you read that and thought I was going to say something about reality TV –  well  you  would be wrong, since I don’t really watch too much reality TV.  Oh I may catch a bit of Extreme Makeover Home Addition, because I enjoy seeing how they make some of those things.  … Continue reading

Countdown Week 36 – I was Lost in Time and Space

This blog was written  on 2/16  it was the last blog I had written for a while.  I have had a lot going on, and you will be able to read about a lot of it soon but here it – OK so I missed last week’s blog – I know. The truth is just … Continue reading

Counting down to my Midlife Crisis – Week 42 -Holiday Blues

So I have had trouble writing this blog – I was set to write it on Christmas day (yes its late) but I was in such a bad mood that I decided it would be better to just wait it out So yeah Christmas was a bit of a bust this year for me – … Continue reading